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On Monday, February 27th, an Attorney from the MorningStar Law Group held a “neighborhood meeting” with residents and property owners located within 1000-ft of a proposed rezoning area covering 5 Parcels / 16 acres of land off Pickett Road. The property is across the street from Durham Academy’s Soccer & Track field between Sandy Creek Park and Emerald Pond.

MorningStar represents the developer, Ascension Construction and Development, LLC of Maryland, who plans on developing 3123 Pickett Rd into  “Pickett Lofts” – a 16-acre property with approximately 4.5+- acres of buildable land into a 4-story multi-family building that will consist of 137+- residential units.

A number of concerns have been raised by surrounding residents. These include:

    • Traffic Congestion along Pickett Rd (and critical intersections)
    • Environmental changes to the Sandy Creek Park and Trail
    • Wildlife Impact

This website will serve as an information center for our (re)zoning concerns. It’s a work in progress and will evolve as our needs become more defined. In order to effect change we’ll need to operate as a well informed group!

What Can You Do?

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    • Comment on the Planning Commission Case … once established (see Next Steps below).
    • Contact the Durham City Council … when appropriate (see Next Steps below).

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you passionate about this rezoning issue? Do you have spare time on your hands? If so, we may have just the ticket! Watch this space for volunteer opportunities or if you’re antsy, send us an email and let us know you’re available, and interested.

Files & Maps

Next Steps (this section is a work in progress)

1) Durham Planning Commission

    • Rezoning Requests must first pass through the Durham Planning Commission
      • Note: As of March 15, 2023 a Rezoning Case has yet to be filed for the proposed Pickett Lofts development.
    • Once filed, a Rezoning Case is created on the Durham County Social PinPoint website where public comments can be made.
    • It’s recommended that once we are able to Comment on the Planning Commission case we follow certain guidelines. When the time comes, these suggestions will be made available.

2) Durham City Council

    • Once the Planning Commission has voted on a Case, it is passed through to the Durham City Council for a vote.
    • At this point we’ll want to email the City Council with properly crafted messages … but doing so prior to this time will have little impact. When appropriate, we’ll share suggested content for the email.
    • The Durham City Council can be reached via email: citycouncilonly@durhamnc.gov

Other Resources / Information

    • New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee
      • New Hope Creek is a narrow waterway that snakes its way from western Orange County, North Carolina, passing north of Chapel Hill and through parts of Durham, finally emptying into the upper reaches of Jordan Lake. The committee has successfully helped mold development in the New Hope corridor in both location and form so as to permit new uses, but minimize damage to natural resources.
    • Traffic Study (Thanks to Summit Design and Engineering for this information).
      • The NCDOT UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) only requires a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) if a new or rezoned development generates 150 or more peak hour vehicle site trips. A site trip is defined as the number of vehicles that enter or exit the development during a specific timeframe.
      • The proposed Pickett Lofts, with 137 residential units, is expected to generate 90 site trips during the afternoon peak hour, based on calculations used by the NCDOT. As a result, the Developer is not required to pay for a traffic study. The cost, if we wanted to fund our own TIA, is approximately $10k – $12k.
      • The NCDOT can require turn lanes off the primary roadway  (even w/o a traffic study) where the daily traffic count exceeds 4000 vehicles per day. Currently, Pickett Road shows 6,400 vehicles per day east of Garrett Rd, and 4400 vehicles per day west of Garrett Rd. Given this, the NCDOT will require the Developer pay for a turn lane into the new property.
      • A (long awaited) traffic light at the corner Garrett Rd & Pickett Rd has been approved and funded, and is on the NCDOT Active Highway Safety Improvement Project (HSIP) list and the NCDOT Division 5 – Upcoming Projects List. HS-2005D SR 1303 (PICKETT ROAD) AT SR 1116 (GARRETT ROAD)/(LUNA LANE). INSTALL TRAFFIC SIGNAL.

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